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Simple Shooting -> Instant Tagging -> Live Sharing

1. Print Pic2Go barcodes on race bibs

Each participant will have a unique barcode - matching the bib number.
We provide you with the barcodes as graphic files - to be used by your selected printer when printing the bibs.

2. Photograph athletes & Upload photos to Pic2Go system

Race photography is done by your selected photographers "as usual". There's no need for any special equipment or timing system connectivity. 
Once taken - you only need to upload the photos to the Pic2Go system. No resizing or pre-processing is required as our system optimizes photos upload speed automatically.

3. The system automatically recognizes bib numbers in photos

Once uploaded - Pic2Go patent-pending 2D barcodes on the race bibs technology automates race photo-tagging and bib-numbers identification.
All photos are automatically tagged with the recognized bib number(s).

4. Go to Event Organizer's site to search their photos

All athletes are invited to opt-in to the Pic2Go application with their bib number through a widget (small form) placed on your race website.
This can be done either before or after the event. 
Once the photos are tagged by the system - they are branded and posted directly to athletes' personal Facebook profiles - instantly shared with all athletes' Facebook friends.

Fitz - Photo Tagging Solution
Hit Run - Photo Tagging Solution


We provide  solution on photo / video tagging. For any inquiry, please email to info@pic2go.hk


我們提供相片及影片辨別技術不限於跑步攝影, 三項鐵人賽攝影, 單車賽攝影專等等, 有興趣可以電郵至info@pic2go.hk了解詳情

For technical issue or how our solution works, please email to support@pic2go.hk


若在參與賽事上遇上技術問題, 除了可向大會查詢, 也可電郵至我們作進一步查詢

To reach huge engaged audience for sponsoring our event. Please email to marketing@pic2go.hk

假如你有興趣透過我們平台透過選手社交平台分享達至推廣及宣傳其品牌及產品, 歡迎與我們聯絡

 Like our solution but cannot find a great sponsor? We can help you here. Please email to  marketing@pic2go.hk 


假若你是賽事主辨單位, 希望透過我們贊助商提供技術及攝影贊助賽事, 歡迎與我們聯絡

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